Fleet Owner and Contract Driver Mentorship Program

The Fleet Owner and Driver Mentorship Program is designed with the new and aspiring owner and driver in mind. You do not need to be a contract driver with Fudpucker Expedited to take part of this program. We currently have several owners and drivers participating in this program and will be happy to assist you in your new ventures.

For more information your contact for this program is:

Eric Escobar 
Email: eescobar@fudexllc.com 
Or 844-GoFudEx ext 702

The Driver Mentor program is designed to help new drivers adjust and become acclimated to life as a expedite driver. We have a number of veteran drivers who are participating in the program as driver mentors. New contractors are assigned a Driver Mentor for his or her first 6 weeks from start of contract at Fudpucker Expedited. The new drivers will be able to contact their driver mentor whenever they have a question they may not want to ask their Fleet Management Coordinator or if they are having a particularly challenging day and just wish to talk. We hope that this program will make new drivers feel more comfortable, safe, and at-ease working at Fudpucker Expedited. We feel that both the new drivers and the driver mentors can benefit personally and professionally from the program.

Objectives of the Fudpucker Expedited Mentorship program:

  • To help new drivers adjust and become acclimated to life as an expedited driver.

  • To increase new driver retention and safety.

  • Build peer relationships among drivers. Providing the opportunity for new drivers to communicate with someone more relatable.

  • Recognize drivers with leadership qualities who can act as a liaison between the company and the new drivers.

  • Help a new driver understand how to use company and industry resources.

  • Establish and foster professional relationships and unity amongst drivers.

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