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Fudpucker Expedited LLC is a small fleet of independent contract drivers assuring prompt, reliable and cost effective service to our carrier Premium Transportation Logistics LLC. and their customers.  Our fleet of modern and well maintained  equipment provide services throughout the United States. Our core operations provide logistical support and services to the expedite industry.  

In addition to the national headquarters in Helena, Montana.  to support our carrier we
have our carrier support center in 
Toledo, Ohio. The key to our success has been the strong entrepreneurial spirit displayed by our management group and independent contract drivers to seek and find new opportunities. 

The independent contract drivers and fleet owners at Fudpucker Expedited LLC are committed to our founding principles of Commitment ☆ Integrity ☆ Excellence. As a result, our success is directly linked to the dedication and safety of the Fudpucker Expedited LLC team.

Fudpucker Expedited LLC will continue to develop new markets with a vision for tomorrow to be recognized as one of Expediting Americas premier small fleets. 

Fudpucker Expedited LLC welcomes Independent Contractors to the Fudpucker Expedited LLC Team and we look forward to working and hearing from you.

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Commitment * Integrity * Excellence

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